Historic venue and hospitality area


Create beautiful memories, in historic surroundings.


An heirloom space with a modern take on bringing food,
people and design together.

Venue and hospitality

Tolstoy said the two most powerful warriors are time and patience. The Shed at Overgaauw is proof of his insight.

It’s the result of a restoration project that spanned over several years. To treat the 116-year-old building and plaaswerf on the historic estate with the love and respect they deserve. Whether inside or outside, The Shed offers a unique space with different hospitality options to woo and wow your guests.

As 4th generation custodians of Overgaauw Wine Estate, David and Nicole van Velden welcome you to make new memories in these beautiful old surroundings. And if you share their love for a mix of classic and contemporary, you’ll feel the heartbeat of this special place the moment you set foot on the plaaswerf.

A treasured heirloom, The Shed presents a modern take on bringing food, friends and fine design together. With grace and understated style, it plays host to intimate gatherings of all sorts and sizes.

Weddings and Events

From lazy farm lunches to big birthday bashes…

At The Shed, celebrations of all kinds are welcome. We also host weddings, workshops, corporate events and editorial shoots. Choose an option below to find out how we can assist. If your event doesn’t fit in a box, don’t stress. Simply email us all the details and we’ll get in touch. 

The Shed - Overgaauw Wine Estate

A legacy of beautiful brides

Over four generations of Van Velden winemakers, we’ve been blessed with ten beautiful family weddings.

Between the first Overgaauw bride of 1917, Oumagrootjie Moena, and the most recent Mrs Van Velden, Rina-Marie in 2010; wedding trends and tastes have naturally changed. Ten different brides from very different eras have each chosen distinct venues, fashions, food and flowers – from traditional church weddings to celebrations right here in the Shed and even some in the gardens, in the old kraal, the barrel maturation cellar and in a tent next to the dam. But not all tastes have changed. An ever-present guest at each wedding has been Overgaauw wine itself – swiftly arriving at every toast, every meal and at the bejewelled hand of every bride.