Terms and conditions for events and venue hire


All rates are subject to change without notice.
Rates are quoted in South African Rand. Foreign currency payments are accepted at the daily bank rate of exchange on the date payment is received.
Any bank charges involved are for your own account.
All rates exclude food, which will be based on your choice of catering.
All rates exclude beverages, which will be determined by your choice of service provider for the bar and your final order for Overgaauw wines.
All rates exclude crockery, cutlery, glasses, linen, decor and flowers.
We can recommend a preferred suppliers list to assist you with all of the above.


50% of the venue fee is required in order to secure your booking.
The balance of the deposit is due two weeks before the event.
To safeguard us from any breakages or damages, a deposit of R3 000 is required when the booking is made.
The amount will be refunded to your bank account no later than one week after the event, should there be no damages.

We don’t offer account facilities.

If you cancel more than a month before the event, you will lose 50% of your deposit.
If you cancel less than a month before the event, you will lose 100% of your deposit.


A provisional booking is valid for a maximum period of 14 days.
We reserve the right to shorten the validation period of a provisional booking if another client is interested in booking an event on the same day. The venue manager will consult with you if this is the case.
We reserve the right to cancel all services booked, should full payment not be received before the event date.

To confirm your booking, please email the following to nicole@overgaauw.co.za

> A copy of the signed terms and conditions.
> A copy of the deposit slip or proof of payment of deposit.


We require the final confirmed menu one month before the event.
Any extras will be charged for on the day
Kindly note: situations such as lengthy speeches or sudden changes in the order of the events will affect the efficiency of the kitchen considerably. This may affect the quality of the experience.
Our chef and his kitchen will use the agreed sequence of events as a guideline to time their preparations
. Any additional meals for service providers such as photographers, cinematographers, musicians, etc. should be arranged two weeks before the event date as part of the final headcount for guests. Please inform the caterers and venue manager of any special dietary requirements or food allergies at least two weeks before the event.


You and/or the event coordinator are responsible for any hired goods.
We will not be responsible for any damages or late returns of hired goods. The coordinator or service provider must collect all equipment or decor brought onto Overgaauw Wine Estate by no later than 10 am the next morning unless otherwise agreed upon.


Hired goods are for your own account. We reserve the right to give final approval for any hired goods
We will not be held responsible for any loss/damages of property, injury on premises of any guest/service provider on the farm.


In accordance with South Africa’s legislation, all indoor facilities are strictly non-smoking areas.


Due to local noise regulations, music has to end at 12 am. The music will be of light nature – no heavy dance music or loud DJs
We reserve the right to regulate the volume of the music at any event.


Children are welcome at Overgaauw Wine Estate. However, parental supervision must be maintained at all times. Overgaauw Wine Estate is a working farm with tractors and other potentially dangerous equipment. The responsibility for the safety and well-being of the children rests on their parents.


We take no responsibility for weather conditions during outdoor events. You are responsible for any extra costs involved should a radical shift in the weather affect the arrangements for your event.


The bar closes at 11:30 pm. Your venue is booked until 12 pm.
If your event exceeds the standard permitted time of 12 pm, a fee of R1 500 per hour, or part thereof, will be payable.


Site visits are by appointment only
The photographer should do a site visit with the couple before the event/wedding to ensure they are familiar with any private property on the farm.
A wine tasting can be arranged through the venue manager once a booking is confirmed.


A dance floor set-up is for your own account and must be approved by the venue manager.


For any additional set-up required by a third-party supplier and approved by the manager, we reserve the right to charge a set-up fee if it interferes with other events or the trade.
 All set-up arrangements by third-party suppliers must be confirmed in writing with Overgaauw Wine Estate in advance.
The venue is ONLY available for set-up on the day the event is booked, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.


This is at an extra cost for your account. Trusted suppliers can be supplied.


We are proud producers of top quality estate wines and are pleased to offer our current vintage wines for your event. We trust that you will enjoy our selection, therefore we don’t offer corkage or any other wine labels. Since we don’t produce our own Methode Cap Classique, we carefully select the best option for your celebration.