Tria Corda – 1993


Overgaauw Wine Estate in Stellenbosch was an early champion of a Bordeaux-style blend. In 1979, a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Cinsaut blend named Tria Corda was launched. Then in 1982, a more classic approach was taken by replacing the Cinsaut with Cabernet Franc. These 3 classic Bordeaux varietals have remained the components ever since. Tria Corda is a Latin translation for 3 hearts and refers to these 3 varietals that form the heart of the Overgaauw Wine Estate’s unique terroir.

Quite a chunky rustic at first, it evolves to amazing depth and complexity! Mint and beefy notes intertwine with plum and spice. Very long and special!               94 – Roland Peens 2021

These old wines unfortunately have a degree of variation. Any wines that are oxidised or corked will be replaced by Overgaauw at no charge. 

Stand upright before serving (the longer the better), due to their age and sediment. Don’t decant too long, rather allow the wines to change in a large Bordeaux glass over time.

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