DC Classic


An ultra-premium wine made as a tribute to the pioneering work of 2nd generation owner and winemaker, David Conradie van Velden.

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Overgaauw wine

Tria Corda


Our flagship blend consists of the “three hearts” of the Estate: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

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The Overgaauw Merlot 1982 was the maiden bottling of this cultivar in South Africa. To this day, it remains a classic expression of Merlot.

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Still made from the original planting of Touriga Nacional in South Africa. A very accurate expression of this Portuguese cultivar.

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Overgaauw remains the only producer of this Riesling family cultivar since 1971. One hectare of vines allows for a truly unique dry white wine experience.

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The unique aspect combined with the soils of Overgaauw contribute in creating a wonderfully complex Sauvignon Blanc, with amazing well balanced natural acids and notes of minerality.

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Overgaauw wine - port

Our Cape Vintage Port is made from 6 Portuguese cultivars, fortified with 3-year-old brandy spirits and matured for at least 20 years in the bottle before release. A truly remarkable wine.

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The truth of our wine is in the tasting – it needs to be experienced, not just described. Our wine is meant to be sipped and savoured, shared and enjoyed in good company.

Our Wines

Wine that is true to its roots means a deep respect for terroir.

Our proximity to both mountain chains and maritime influence lends our piece of the world a unique and blessed terroir of diverse soil types and a temperate summer temperature. It’s strikingly similar to France’s Bordeaux region, and unsurprisingly, the area has become renowned for its red wine production.

Overgaauw’s fine reds exemplify this distinctive terroir, with the Tria Corda, Merlot and DC Classic offering a respectful nod to the Bordeaux region, with an undeniable Cape pioneering edge.

The Van Veldens have been innovators from the very start, which gives us a few industry firsts to boast of:

We were one of the first Cape farms to use small, new French oak barrels for the maturation of red wines. We produced South Africa’s first Bordeaux blend, our beloved Tria Corda, in 1979. And in the early 80s we were the first South African estate to bottle a single-varietal Merlot (an unusual endeavour at the time). We like to think that these accomplishments weren’t just for our own satisfaction, but made a significant impact on the country’s wine industry.